Guests devour 800 oysters in the Fauchère Garden

07 Aug 2019 | 10:51

What do you get when you combine delicious food and drink with the gentle guitar music of Brian St. John in the Fauchère Garden?
Judge Gregory Chelak, who was there with the many members of the Beecher-Chelak clan, said it all added up to "a lovely way to spend a relaxing summer’s evening with family.”
Guests feasted on oysters, caviar, and hot dogs. They imbibed beer and specialty cocktails like peach sangria and hard pink lemonade.
“The oysters are great and the atmosphere is very pleasant," said Lee Miller.
The oysters were provided by Island Creek Oysters from Duxbury, Massachusetts. Everyone with a reservation received one free oyster and could purchase a dozen more for $40. Caviar was available as a topping for oysters and hot dogs alike.
The upbeat Lindsay Howard, who works with all the great chefs in Boston, represented Island Creek at the Fauchère event. She shucked oysters at breakneck speed, helped along by Fauchère executive chef Brandon Grimila. Liam Heredia, who also works at the Fauchère, proved himself an expert oyster shucker.
Howard said 800 oysters were sold at the Fauchère before they ran out. The oysters from Wellfleet, Massachusetts, were the most popular, perhaps because they are the most well-known. Island Creek Oysters — the company’s proprietary mollusk — was next in popularity.
Since Island Creek represents a variety of oyster farms, they also brought Mookie Blue Oysters from Demarest, Maine, and Moon Shoal oysters from Barnstable, Massachusetts. The oysters were very fresh. And when they ran out, the collective response from the attendees was, “Aw shucks!”