Kahr Arms throws barbecue for veterans

Greeley. The owner and president of the company, Justin Moon, says he is eternally grateful to the U.S. and its military for saving his family during the Korean War.

| 01 Sep 2021 | 03:46

Kahr Arms held a free barbecue Saturday for all military veterans, set up behind their Tommy Gun outlet store in Greeley.

The owner and president of the company, Justin Moon, is the leader of their Christian religious order but didn’t preach or proselytize at the picnic.

His story begins in North Korea, where his father was held in the Hungnam prison camp. Moon said was actually a murder camp — once someone entered, they never came out.

Moon said U.S. Douglas MacArthur liberated the prison when he pressed north during the Korean War. His father literally just walked out and eventually found his way to the United States. Moon said he and his family are eternally grateful to the U.S. and will never forget what its military service members did for him and his family.

His business got started when he designed a 9mm handgun that was so superior to all others, police departments around the country purchased them. Civilians and police in other countries wanted it too. He has since made even more improvements on his 95-9mm handgun.

The Tommy Gun Warehouse carries every firearm imaginable. To my surprise, they also have ammunition for every weapon that you might have.

Bigger stores carry this merchandise, but those stores also stock fishing, camping and survival equipment. As pure gun stores go, Tommy Gun is Disneyland.

Kahr Arms will be holding its Rod of Iron Freedom Festival from Oct. 8 to 10. Moon said it is a patriotic event. There will be speakers, food concession stands, and products for sale for camping, fishing and survival, and, of course, arms.

I can vouch that this is a large and fun event with an almost carnival feel to it. All are welcome and all will have a great weekend there, just as veterans did during Saturday’s picnic.