Luna Rossa named 'Best Pizzeria in Pennsylvania' by Money and Yelp

Sep 27 2018 | 03:55 AM

By Ginny Privitar
— Luna Rossa was just listed online as the "Number One Pizzeria" Pennsylvania by Money magazine and Yelp. The eatery was originally listed back in March on as it was narrowing down the best pizzerias from every state in the union.
Owner and chef Christopher Karangis opened the business three years ago this December and runs it with his fiancée, Sandra Martino. Karangis trained at different culinary schools, and has been in the business since 1985. He started out in pizzerias and then became an executive chef. He worked at Nunzio's and Rocco's on Staten Island and at other businesses in Laurel Ridge, outside Hemlock Farms, and at restaurants in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island.
Cooking is in his blood. Karangis was born and raised in Brooklyn, where his grandfather and great uncles owned diners back in the '50s and '60s. He said the gene skipped a generation, when his dad became a home builder.
"They (Money magazine) contacted me and I thought it was a joke," Karangis said. "I didn't know I was nominated or that they did this. I thought this was a couple of college friends fooling around with me. I got the call on a Friday and I was ready to hang up when they said, 'If you don't believe me, you can go to the website.'"
Karangis even wondered if the website was set up by his friends, whom he describes as "pretty creative." But the call and the website were genuine.
Although the award was for best pizzeria, Luna Rossa is also known as a great all-around restaurant.
"We do the classics done right," Karangis said.
Some popular dishes include hot antipasto, fettuccini carbonara; eggplant rollatini; veal done in different styles: piccata, Marsala and Parmesan; and rice bowls. His homemade meatballs are the best around, he says, made the "old school" way, with ground beef, pork, veal and seasonings.
Doesn't he ever relax?
"I really don't," he said. "I'm always here."
But once in a while he takes his four-by-four "into the woods and down by the river and tears it up a little bit."
He has three adult sons: Alex and Blaise, who are both away at college, and Nicholas, who works in the city.
Customers have the last wordCustomers' ratings of the food at Luna Rossa helped propel it to numero uno:
"The food here is out of this world, and the staff is great!" writes Devon Korryn
"Absolutely best stuffed ziti pizza EVER! I would get this over and over again!" writes Thomas M. McGuire
"Best place in town! I go here once a week and always with a big party. The staff are always very accommodating and friendly, especially the owner Chris. The food is always great as well. If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out," says Krystie Lynn
Luna Rossa Restaurant and Pizzeria is located 102 Milford Landing Drive #8 in Milford. It's open every day. Give them a call at 570-491-5999.