Milford’s parks and benches get some TLC

Milford. Councilwoman Maria Farrell attends to the borough’s playgrounds, chess table, outdoor opera, gazebo, and benches.

| 24 Jun 2021 | 01:07

Milford Borough Councilwoman Maria Farrell received kudos on June 15 for her work on the borough’s recreational facilities.

“Maria has done an amazing job with the parks,” said Mayor Sean Strub.

The inspections for the two playgrounds in the borough were completed by a certified playground safety inspector. Farrell’s motion passed to purchase 125 yards of playground mulch at a cost of $3,750.

The mulch is a required safety feature for all playgrounds in Pennsylvania. Farrell met with members of the Milford Enhancement Committee and Milford Garden Club to discuss coordinated efforts for grants.

The chess table in Biddis Park did not survive the winter. It was refurbished by a welder at no cost to the borough. The restored table will be reinstalled by Milford’s street crew.

The organizers of Opera! Pike! Park! asked to have a large tent placed over the stage area for the Aug. 29 event. This was not part of the original application but was approved by the borough.

Farrell said the borough received one estimate for the rotation of the gazebo and electrical upgrades in Ann Street Park. They await two other estimates. Farrell would like to begin the work as soon as they have all the estimates, since Music in the Park activities begin in July, prior to the next council meeting.

Farrell’s motion passed to accept the lowest bid, not to exceed $4,000 for the upgrades. Farrell and her park crews have completed the restoration of 14 benches and six chairs in parks throughout the borough. They’ve begun work on other benches within the borough that are not in the parks and will continue to plug away on those until they are completed.

Farrell also purchased and painted a picnic table and two Adirondack chairs for the borough’s only riverfront property.