Milford tables parking ban at Mott Street swimming hole

Milford. The resolution was crafted in response to overflow parking on borough property last summer.

| 29 Apr 2021 | 05:10

The Milford Borough Council on April 20 tabled a Mott Street parking ban resolution so that it could gather more information.

The resolution would have banned parking on the east side of the street on weekends from May 15 to Sept. 15. The council started looking at solutions after hearing concerns about intensive use of the borough’s property at the Mott Street swimming hole last summer, when there wasn’t enough parking to accommodate all the people who congregated there.

Resident David Weinberg asked the council on April 20 not to put up “no parking” signs, and to enforce the parking rules already in place.

He said the borough has everything it needs to enforce legal parking on the street, and that illegally parked vehicles can be ticketed and towed.

“If police came down here every couple of hours, they could ticket and make some money,” Weinberg said.

On the other side of the bridge over the Sawkill Creek is a road with a gate at the top, he said, and that cars could park on the other side of that.

“That’s a waste of a perfectly good road that nobody can get to,” Weinberg said.

However, it was determined that road is under the control of Dingman Township.

Weinberg also contested the notion that emergency vehicles can’t get through.

Councilman Joe Dooley said he walks Mott Street all the time, and on a recent trip he saw two trucks parked on opposite sides of the street.

“You could not get an ambulance or a fire truck between those two trucks,” Dooley said. “It’s impossible.”