Peek a bear - Artful Bears make their debut

Milford. The Black Bear Film Festival treats the community to a delightful new crop of very colorful, highly original bears.

12 Aug 2019 | 05:54

Fifteen beautifully painted fiberglass bears decorated the lawn in front of the Milford Community House on Saturday, accompanied by the local artists who brought them to life.

Each Artful Bear has a different theme, message, or style. They were joined by children, adults, and dogs from the community who were happy to see them revealed for the first time. The bears will be displayed around the borough starting next week, and will go far in generating enthusiasm for the Black Bear Film Festival coming up in October.

The 50 or so guests at the Artful Bear Debut enjoyed popcorn and snow cones in a variety of flavors. Local artist Jesse Clemente showed how it was done -- painting a bear as the festivities carried on around him. Local musician Ernie Kara performed for the crowd. It was a glorious day -- the sun shone brightly, and the mood was merry.

Max Brinson, president of the Black Bear Film Festival, thanked guests for coming out to support the arts.

“This picnic was a way of giving back to the community," he said.

Maps showing the bears' locations will become available on Aug. 14 at the Visitors Information Center in the Milford Community House, 201 Broad Street. People are encouraged to visit the bears because they'll be auctioned off during the festival, from Oct. 18 to 20.

The Black Bear Film Festival is celebrating its 20th year of supporting innovative and independent films. For more information, visit or call 570-832-4858.

Following is a list of the places where you can see the bears, with their names and artists included:
Pike County Library: K. Marinaccio, "Fynn"
Milford Community House: J. Lee, "Moon Valley Bear"
Milford Chrysler: J. Palmadessa, "Repair Bear"
Jive Bar: J. Petrossi, "Age of Abearicus"
Karenina’s: G. Asch, "Natural Camouflage"
Key Food:-V. Duff, "Gummy Bear"
Progressive Health: J. Woudenberg, L. Conti, K.Shea, "Sea Hunter"
Poe and Raven Gallery: J. Ponte, "Poe Bear"
Hotel Fauchère: R. Cheong-Leen, "Delabear"
Safe Haven: Women of Milford, "Ms. Philomena"
Frisky Goat: Delaware Valley High Schoo Film Club, "Frida, the Bear"
Earthly Treasures: L. Rizzo, "Spirit Constellation"
Chant Realty: D. Pauselius, "Elementary, My Dear Bear"
Dimmick Inn: B. Crellin and T. Hoff, "CU Bear"
Waterwheel Café: J. Clemente, "TBA"