Residents turn to prayer to address national problems

23 Oct 2019 | 07:12

Over 40 people from the local area gathered outside the Pike County Courthouse at noon on Saturday, October 12. Their purpose: to pray for our country and its great needs. They rallied with over 20,000 other groups in a Public Square Rosary Crusade across our country.

The rally is in response to mostly unspoken needs: public order; stability; values – mostly moral values – degrading in public life; freedom of speech and religion; opposition to political correctness; and drawing the line in acceptable behavior. Many of these values have faded in the past two generations.

Marie Biel, local rally coordinator, summarized these needs, saying our nation “is in great need of repentance and conversion. We asked God to save America through the Rosary of the Most Holy Mother of Jesus.”

A banner on display at the Rally invited readers to “Please join us!.” For information and to join the next rally, call Marie Biel at 570-686-4637.

Peter Grund