Second Amendment group rallies to counter gun control march

Mar 29 2018 | 02:18 AM

By Frances Ruth Harris
— About 100 gun owners gathered on the Pike County Courthouse lawn on Saturday to stand up for their Second Amendment rights.
Members of the Family Firearms Association opposed that day's marches for gun control being held in Washington, D.C., and around the country, including Milford. (See related story.)
People in the predominantly white crowd carried signs saying "Black guns matter," "We need criminal control," "Arm our teachers, gun control is racist!" and "Plantations are gun free zones." They lined the street as passing motorists honked in support of their cause.
Organizer Lesa Ellanson spoke to the assembled group following a prayer given by the Rev. Sean Moon, pastor of The Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland. Justin Moon, the Rev. Sean Moon's brother, owns Kahr Arms Tommy Gun Factory in Greeley, where Ellanson works. Ellanson said giving up guns is the same as giving up freedom.
She said the media loves to portray gun rights advocates as powerful evil-doers. Hollywood demonizes gun owners even while glorifying the Wild West, she said.
She asked the crowd if anyone wanted to go back to the Wild West. One man shouted, "Yes! I do!"
Ellanson said politicians have armed guards. "Why are their lives more important than ours?" she asked.
She said she was a former Black Panther.
"Being pro-gun means we're pro-people," she said. "They are going after AR-15s, which are black. They use trauma politics. They don't give a rat's a--."
Ellanson said the most important thing was to "be trained. Join the NRA and the Gun Owners Association."
She said she deliberately scheduled the rally at the same day and time as The March For Our Lives, so that the voices of the Family Firearms Association could be heard too.
Kyle Toffery, who stood next to the Rev. Moon in the front row during the rally, said the founding fathers wrote gun ownership into the Second Amendment of the Constitution. He said the liberal left wants to take away everybody's guns.
"No gun zone — that's the same as putting out a sign: safety zone for murderers," said a speaker.
When asked, some members of the crowd said they owned "ten guns at least."
Some were veterans. Some came with their families.
Anthony Smyth of Dingman Township said, "People have turned us into bloodthirsty animals when all we want to do is protect our families."
Ellanson said the Family Firearms Association plans to hold more gun rallies. She said she supported the Constitution along with Gary R. Anderson, a gun dealer in Shohola.
Kim Reno of Milford was curbside in front of the courthouse, holding posters her daughter made in protest of the pro-gun rally. She said it was terrible that the rally was being held on the day millions were marching for gun control. Reno caught up with the local march to Grey Towers in time to chant "Enough!"