Snyder Fund grant provides critical help for region’s last-surviving literacy program

| 17 Jun 2020 | 12:51

    It is with great gratitude that we announce that the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program (WPALP) is a recipient of $3,000 grant from the Richard L. Snyder Fund at the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

    This fund has supported so many organizations working for the betterment of Pike County, that we here are humbled by their support of us.

    WPALP has been working to help individuals become independent of social programs and give them a chance to be positive contributors of their families, themselves and our community for 33 years. With illiteracy at 22 percent in Northeast Pennsylvania, our work will never be done. But, with the health issues and the employment disruptions caused by the Covid-19 crisis. We, as a not-for-profit, have been begging for support. As many businesses were lost and many disrupted, it is hard to ask someone concerned with survival to be generous and think beyond their own difficulties at this time, even for a program as important as ours.

    Being the only surviving adult literacy program in Northeast Pennsylvania is a huge responsibility, made more so by so many being out of work. Pennsylvania law states that you need a high school diploma or GED to be hired for employment. Those grandfathered in to their jobs before this law, who have now lost employment will have to gain their GEDs before they can be re-employed. Without funds or transportation to attend classroom programs in colleges, WPALP is their only resource.

    We cannot allow this program to fail.This grant will allow us to continue, and increase our GED program within Pike County for the new influx of individuals who desperately need to go back to work. Again, our humble gratitude to an organization that always supports our community in every way.

    Please support the Greater Pike Community Foundation and their Richard L Snyder fund. It is a great investment as we all benefit because it makes our community better for all of us.The Greater Pike Community Foundation, with its slogan “For Good. Forever” was created to enable generous individuals, families and local businesses to maximize their charitable support through organized, targeted, long-term community philanthropy. Greater Pike provides a permanent and personal way to give back to the region we love and have worked so hard to nurture and maintain.

    Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program