Summer reading is a breeze

Milford. Thirty two Delaware Valley Elementary School students participated in the Camp Read-A-Lot Challenge.

10 Sep 2019 | 05:18

For the Camp Read-A-Lot Challenge, Delaware Valley Elementary School’s summer reading incentive, students were asked to read at least six books that fit into various categories of their choice.

Some of these choices included a book that makes them laugh, a book with talking animals, a book about friendship, and a book that takes place in the past. Students were also asked a brief question about each book.

In addition, some students were provided with journals in which to chronicle their summer adventures. Any student who handed in the chart with at least six books completed, or who returned with a journal, was invited to participate in a celebration of their summer reading and writing. Two of the students shared their journals by reading an excerpt of their choice.

The celebration also included ice cream and a story.