The Dickson House, a children’s advocacy center, is dedicated to memory of fallen trooper

Milford. Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin re-names the renovated Children’s Advocacy Center to honor Corporal Bryon Dickson, who died in the line of duty.

| 11 Nov 2020 | 04:59

Troopers assist all who are in distress, said Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin. Corporal Bryon Dickson gave his life in service to Pike County, which honored him by giving is name to the newly renovated Children’s Advocacy Center in Milford.

The center is now The Dickson House, which was dedicated on Nov. 4 in a well-attended ceremony and ribbon-cutting. It also has a new logo: under a heart are two stripes, representing Dickson’s rank with Pennsylvania State Troopers. It will continue its mission to serve child victims of physical or sexual abuse.

More than 50 people gathered in the sunshine outside the newly named facility. They applauded when Tonkin told the crowd that Dickson House pledges to serve any abused child in danger or under distress.

In attendance were Corporal Dickson’s family — his wife, Tiffany; his sons, Adam and Bryon; and his parents, Darla and Bryon. Darla said she was pleased to have Bryon’s name given to a place where children would be helped and perpetrators investigated.

Tonkin announced several arrests made to bring child abusers to justice. “The Pike County Criminal Investigation Division and the Pike County Children’s Advocacy Center are part of a Multidisciplinary Investigative Team that works to investigate, to support, and to make sure all children who are victimized have their voice heard.”

In the Children’s Advocacy Center model, the victim is brought to a safe, child-focused environment by a non-offending caregiver.

Pennsylvania Senator Lisa Baker and Sarah Wilson, Director of CAC Services, said Dickson House is a safe place, where a child talks about their trauma to only one person, a trained interviewer, in a way that does not re-traumatize the child. The interview is recorded, and an investigation begins. In the past, a child may have ended up describing their experience to many people, over and over again.

Tonkin said he especially thanked the Pike County Commissioners, Senator Lisa Baker, Pennsylvania Representative Mike Peifer, and State Representative Rosemary Brown, who helped obtain grant funding.

“A huge thank you to the Pike County Maintenance Crew, ‘Ray’s Renovators,’ Ed, Vic, Pat, and Randy!” said Tonkin. “They did a fantastic job renovating 103 West High Street to bring this center to a reality.”

Bryon Dickson enlisted in the State Police in 2007 and was transferred in June 2014 to Blooming Grove, where he served as a Patrol Unit Supervisor. He was certified as a drug recognition expert, and his passion for DUI enforcement earned him many awards. On Sept. 12, 2014, he was one of two Troopers shot in an ambush outside the Blooming Grove Station. He died from his wounds.

“A huge thank you to the Pike County Maintenance Crew ‘Ray’s Renovators,’ Ed, Vic, Pat and Randy! They did a fantastic job renovating 103 West High Street to bring this center to a reality.” District Attorney Ray Tonkin