Wreckage of home-built plane found, 2 dead

23 Sep 2019 | 01:35

(AP) Authorities say two people were killed in a small plane crash in near Stroudsburg.

The wreckage of a home-built plane was found in a swampy, wooded area. The plane, a two-seater called a Van's RV-8, was discovered around 9 a.m. on Sept. 18 in Monroe County.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the plane departed Pegasus Airpark around noon on Sept. 17 and was reported missing that night.

Chief Leon Clapper of Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder says two people were killed. Coroner Thomas Yanac Jr. says the victims' remains have been recovered. He didn't immediately release their identities.

Clapper says the wreckage was "buried in the mud.''

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.