Delaware Valley prevails against Pocono Mountain East

Milford. The game was up for grabs even into the final period. Both teams had missed many shots throughout the game, even some puppy inside shots they had no business missing.

15 Jan 2020 | 12:44

Delaware Valley hosted Pocono Mountain East on Saturday and turned out to be a stingy host.

PM East has been having a rough season and was hoping for a win here this afternoon, but DV was having none of it.

East was actually looking like they may have their way in the first part of the first period. They were lively, free flowing, and quick, and DV was looking stiff and uncomfortable. Toward the end of the period DV began to be a little more composed and closed the gap to end the first period down by only 3, with the score East 11 and DV 9.

In the second period DV's outside shots were falling short, long or off target. However PM East was having just as much trouble honing in on the basket, so the half ended with East nursing a one point lead at 19-18.

In the third period DV came out much looser and playing more smoothly. DV took a 33-27 lead at the close of the third period.

In the final period the game was really up for grabs. Both teams had missed so many shots throughout the game, even some puppy inside shots that they had no business missing. It was a matter of one team getting a hot spell which would determine who would win. That is, if either team would actually ever get hot.

Well low and behold, DV would turn out to be that team, at least at the foul line. Jackson Shafer would go 8 for 9, while Mark Cavallaro would go 7 for 8 and Lukas Schutz hit 1 of 2. The combined 16 points would win it for Delaware Valley.

The final score was Delaware Valley 48 and Pocono Mountain East 43.

If anyone ever thought that foul shooting was not that critical then they needed to see this game. This would change their mind for sure.