DV girls play Abington Heights

Milford. DV was outmatched by a really good team that was having a really good game.

| 03 Mar 2021 | 02:07

Well I stopped in at Delaware Valley High School to watch the DV girls play Abington Heights.

Before I become the bearer of bad news let me qualify this a little bit by pointing out that DV was short handed as one of their best girls, Mackenzie Olsommer was not present. Where as she would have been an asset to the team it really would not have made much of a difference in the eventual outcome.

Abington Heights was just too much to handle and they were going to win this no matter what.

Point in case is that AH was up 27-4 by the end of the first period and up 46-6 at the half.

Abington was stealing the ball almost at will and they made it count by converting the steals into points almost every time as well. DV made a lot of bad choices when passing the ball seeming like they were passing directly to the Abington girls. AH made a lot of fast breaks hitting the open girls for easy shots.

Abington also made a lot of block shots and was really strong on rebounds both offensive and defense. They had multiple chances at scoring due to the offensive rebounding getting many extra shots at the basket.

For most of the second half the benches were cleared. The backup Abington girls were very talented as well. In spite of the big lead they kept scoring. They really cant be faulted because most of those girls probably usually get limited playing time and this was their chance show their stuff and enjoy playing the game so it is understandable.

The third period ended with Abington up 58-12, and the final score was 69-23.

I found myself really enjoying watching Abington’s really smooth, skilled and quality playing.

Now about Del Val. As usual there was no surrender and no quit no matter the odds or how hopeless the outcome might have seemed to be. They kept battling all along and right up to the last second they never quit.

DV was just out matched on this day by a really good team that was having a really good game.

The high scores were C Marion for Abington with 41 points and Brooke Acoveno who saw limited playing time but still managed to score 6 points.