Grinilda Brinilda: The witch who had to turn green for Halloween

| 28 Oct 2020 | 03:00

One dark and scary night, witch Grinilda Brinilda looked into her mirror

And much to her fright

There looking back at her was not a scary sight!

But a witch who should be all green for this Halloween

Had skin all bright and cheery as peaches and cream.

So she went to her book of potions and blends

To see what it took to make these amends

Then ran to her cupboard to find something green

So she could be scary for this Halloween

Pouring into the cauldron she started to poke.

What a laugh this was but not a funny joke!

She mixed in some spinach, green olives and beans

Then added the frog’s legs and started to scream...

Grinilda Brinilda ate it all up, like most witches would do, to succeed at her voodoo.

When suddenly at the door, there came a loud knock.

It was her friend Kirmie, who was in quite a shock!

How could you! How would you! Eat those frogs’ legs all up!

When you would never eat a friend for sup?!

Then there at the door she heard a loud ring

And suddenly Popeye started to sing...

I’m Popeye the sailor man, I’m strong to the finish, but I can’t find my spinach!

To her upset, there out in the cold, stood Olive Oyl ,

all bold and ready to scold.

Oh Popeye! Help Popeye! She’s done it again...

Ate all my green olives and even my hen!

Then suddenly who popped through the window to save the day?!

Jack and his beanstalk, in great dismay!

The green beans were missing right off of the stalk

And the big giant didn’t realize and started to walk...

He got on the top and slid all the way down,

And much to my gladness, he broke his crown!

They all laughed together, as she made her decent, and out of the window she went

There in the moonlight you could hear her laughter

For she knew she would be green! for that Halloween and ever after!!!

The End

Patricia Faith Caruso lives in Milford. “I thought this poem I wrote for Halloween could give all ages a light hearted laugh, being the coronavirus is stifling our usual fun,” she writes.