‘And the truth shall set you free’

28 Oct 2020 | 02:49

    To the Editor:

    “And the truth shall set you free.” —John 8:32

    There have been over 20,000 documented lies that President Donald Trump has told since becoming president. Apparently many Trump supporters simply defend these lies because in their view all politicians lie.

    Really? The simple, indisputable fact is that never in the history of our country has any politician lied as much as this president. Where is the check from Mexico with their payment for his infamous wall? Where is the outrage when his good buddy Russian president Vladimir Putin puts a bounty on American soldiers? Where are his tax returns that he has promised so many times that would absolutely disprove the New York Times articles detailing his failings as a businessman and his ongoing tax fraud? Where are his lawsuits against the twenty plus women he promised to sue over their claims of his sexual misconduct? (Have we really already forgotten the Access Hollywood tape where he brags about groping women and what about the checks he sent to pay off porn star Stormy Davis?) The endless lies just go on and on and on!

    But nothing compares with his continuous lying about the coronavirus where he constantly tells his base that it is all going away by Nov. 4, the day after the election. His total incompetence on handling the virus, his constant disregard for the health and safety of his own supporters by holding rallies with little attention to his own taskforce recommendations of wearing masks and social distancing, has already cost hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and hundreds of thousands in the future.

    This is what happens when we elect a president who has no regard for the truth. Nothing defines the difference between Joe Biden and President Trump more than this basic attribute of character. Can our country really stand another four more years of Trump’s divisive behavior based on lie after lie. Truly, the truth shall set you free only if we use our vote to rid us of this man who has disgraced his office. Only then can we return to basic decency.

    Truly, make America great again by voting for Joe Biden for president.

    Dr. Robert J. McCallum, Ph. D.