Applaud the uniqueness and the Victorian

15 Dec 2020 | 09:52

Editor’s note: The following poem was posted online under the recent story “Intimate gatherings will keep the holiday magic alive.”

Stroll the stone paved Broad and Harford Streets. Meander the trails to the Knob. Hike through our Grey Tower.

Brunch at the Waterwheel. Munch at the Dimmick. Dine at the Fauchere.

Enjoy a brew at Log Tavern. Imbibe at the Jive. Sip at the Soaked.

Shop at any local biz. Gaze at the Artery art. Peruse the flavor of our antiques and novelties.

Embrace our diversity. Applaud the uniqueness and the Victorian. Promote our natural resources.

Salute our local elected. Praise our clergy. Respect our residents.

Donate to a food pantry. Help a shelter. Share care.

Visit our downtown. Support our Waterwheel and Lumberyard shops. Engage at the Apple Valley.

Stay positive in Milford. Look forward to a better 2021. Invest in our tomorrows.

Sam Ta Clauses