Biden is the true pro-life candidate

14 Oct 2020 | 01:59

    To the Editor:

    When Donald Trump asked us “what do you have to lose?” by voting for him, we finally learned the answer: everything. Under Donald Trump, Pennsylvania has lost good jobs and innocent lives. Even after he was briefed on just how catastrophic COVID-19 could become, he still called it a “hoax” and said it would miraculously “disappear.”

    What kind of leader is that? Certainly not pro-life.

    In times of crisis, our nation has always looked to the president to combat the threat — to be our fighter. Abraham Lincoln saved the Union; FDR led us through the Great Depression; and Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. Donald Trump knowingly lied to the American people instead.

    Four more years of Donald Trump would be four more years of chaos, corruption, and senseless tragedy. In times of great despair, Americans always rise to the occasion.

    On November 3rd, we must rise above Donald Trump. Our lives depend on it.

    Jay Reeves