Cancel culture and censorship in Milford

| 17 Mar 2021 | 03:59

    To the Editor:

    I view the Pike County Courier article about Dawn Bukaj as a thinly disguised attempt to condemn her for having a conversation someone else found offensive. Being a member of the board of education does not mean that Mrs. Bukaj cannot have personal, religious, or moral views that may conflict with what others may seem appropriate.

    The mere fact that the TriVersity Center sent a letter stating their concerns to Mrs. Bukaj and copied all the school board members, as well as the superintendent, is an attempt to publicly humiliate her. Cancel culture and censorship have in the past and continue to have a detrimental effect on the free expression of opposing views. How best to stifle the education of our students then to suppress unpopular views and and make sure all our educators march lockstep with the far left on all social and political ideas.

    As for Dr. Levine, I find it concerning Pennsylvania had a higher per capita nursing home death rate than New York. I think it is now time to stand up and say I respect your opinions but I will not be a doormat and will not be silenced or canceled. Bad things happen because people are afraid to speak up.

    Douglas Dow