Do we really need a tax increase in Milford Borough?

| 04 Aug 2021 | 04:38

    To the Editor:

    So right off the bat, no one told the people what the increase in their taxes would be, if and when the 1994 tax base would be reevaluated to a current 2021, and what that would cost them in a new tax rate.

    We have had one of the greatest increases in the value of our properties just based on what our local properties have been sold for this past year. I can reasonably see a home that is valued at 1994 price revalued at triple its price now and taxed accordingly. So are you all willing to pay three times what you’re paying in property tax now compared to the $500 extra plus something like $184 in extra property tax? Think that one over, since this is something that is going to happen every year and not changed once you decide to retire in your home in Pike County.

    Many older senior citizens were forced out of Pike County when they did that 1994 reevaluation and had to sell their homes, even with the Homestead Act that was passed soon after. So let’s think about how 350K is being spent on two police officers and a part-timer or two.

    Milford is not that large of a town, and do we really need Maybury coverage since the State Trooper is the alternative? We don’t have a jail that is used and that can be sold along with bringing back the staff that is spread out to our new renovated town hall and its very expensive addition.

    Don’t sell the park, as that is a centerpiece of Milford and a great place for gatherings and kids to play.

    Jeff Braisted