Help GAIT get a new horse: Just vote

May 23 2017 | 08:27 AM

To the Editor:
This past year, GAIT lost one of our most dependable horses,Lonesome, who was also very special to many of our riders. Recently, our herd boss and champion, Diggy, hurt his leg and we are unable to rely on him until he fully recovers. Our herd is small, and our horses are getting older. We are in desperate need of a strong, young horse, and this Gypsy Gift program fits the bill.
Currently, GAIT is now in fifth place and the competition is catching up fast. We need to keep up the momentum until June 15, when the voting ends. Please vote once daily (every 24 hrs) and share to help spread the word. Go to Lexlin's website at to vote or click on their Facebook link If we are lucky enough to win, GAIT plans on holding an open house "meet and greet" are our way to thank everyone for theirr support.
GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center