House Bill 930 will require schools to test lead in their water

04 Jun 2019 | 11:02

    To the Editor:
    A new threat to our children’s safety is in a place many would not expect. Recently, schools have come under scrutiny over concerns of lead contaminating school drinking water. As many cities across the state deal with aging infrastructure, a federal survey showed that Pennsylvania has topped the list of elevated levels of lead in school drinking water.
    Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead absorption, which are almost irreversible. The American Academy of Pediatrics confirmed that high levels of leads can lead to negative cognitive effects and behavioral problems. Currently most schools statewide are not even required to test their water.
    Many legislators have responded to this call to action by cosponsoring House Bill 930, which would require schools test their water for lead, and set one of the strongest limits on lead in the country. By cosponsoring this bill, these legislators have showed they care about our youth, and are invested in the safety of our children.
    We thank PA Rep. Rosemary Brown for supporting this bill, and hope many more will respond to this call to action in assuring our children’s safety.
    Justin Snyder
    Wallingford, Pa.