In these treacherous times, ‘Better the devil you know’

14 Oct 2020 | 02:05

    To the Editor:

    Joe Biden is offering voters this unspoken bargain, “If you just vote for steady Joe from Scranton, all of the riots, chaos and sickness you constantly see about will go away.” This bargain is predicated on Biden’s agreement with his party’s Left Wing that if he were to be elected, the radical agenda we see playing out on our streets will be brought to fruition by Kamala Harris.

    The Biden-Harris ticket is yoked to the Left Wing of the Democratic Party, and they know they cannot win if they were to be truthful to the American people about their stances on these issues:

    Packing of the Supreme Court

    Statehood for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico with four additional U.S. Senators

    Bypassing the Constitutional Amendment process to eliminate the Electoral College

    Elimination of the Senate filibuster

    His administration’s potential nominees to the Supreme Court

    Recognition that Atifa is more than an idea, or condemnation of their violence

    Experts who analyzed Biden’s intentions as the potential 46th president say his administration would be the most Left-wing since the Great Depression, but the political positions which Biden refuses to discuss would damage the country even more.

    Biden-Harris say they aren’t Trump, but their unspoken message is, we’re so moral and noble that we can use any means necessary, including changing the Constitution to advance our goal of making people like you into them.

    In these treacherous times, “Better the devil you know,” than the devils that refuse to disclose how they will govern.

    Michael J. Bower