Lisa Emery Scheibner calls for transparency? Here’s what she’s hiding.

| 29 Oct 2021 | 05:58

    To the Editor:

    Republican candidate for Milford Borough Mayor, Lisa Emery Scheibner calls for transparency in her full page ad in the Courier. Let’s give her some now. The first thing let’s shine a light of transparency on is Emery isn’t using her married name. That’s right she’s not even transparent regarding her name. See Emery is her maiden name. Her married name is Lisa Emery Scheibner. Does that name ring a bell? It should. Little old Milford made national news because of her husband’s Democrat bashing pro Trump displays. One charming display used a wiffle ball bat and balls as a young male’s genitalia.

    Let’s now make transparent the fact that in her ad she lists ten businesses that proudly support her. What she declined to tell you is that six out of those ten businesses have the same owner. That’s right six out of ten. Not very honest is it. Lastly, Mrs. Scheibner says she is for unity of ideas amongst the community that are inclusive to all. Sounds nice, until you dig just a tiny bit and see her smiling and shaking her head yes as an interviewer is calling Milford a liberal cesspool. He continued to call us liberals, hateful bullying hypocrites. Not to mention the fact that he flat out makes homophobic remarks about Sean, and there she sits smiling nodding her head. I was told she personally calls us the liberal terrorist front. I can’t even quote some of the things her husband says about Democrats, it’s too filthy.

    Yet we are to believe she wants unity? There’s some transparency for you Mrs. Scheibner. I hope you are more transparent in the future.

    Kim Reno