Lisa Emery will represent all residents, regardless of party affiliation

| 20 Oct 2021 | 02:48

    To the Editor:

    It is with great pleasure and honor that I endorse Lisa Emery for Milford Borough mayor.

    Lisa is a third-generation Pike County resident who has deep roots in the county. She knows how a small town like Milford should be run. She lived here for many years while the town was run correctly.

    After she and her husband, a 30-year Air Force veteran, retired in 2017, they decided to buy a home in the borough. Of all the places she had traveled in her life, Pike County always held her heart.

    Lisa knows what it’s like to live in a community like Milford. She has those small-town qualities needed to be a mayor — not only for longtime residents, but new ones as well. I truly believe she’ll represent all the people regardless of party affiliation, something that is very important in the job as mayor. The mayor cannot only be beholding to one party; all the people must be heard and respected, something that clearly has not been happening with the current mayor.

    The number one role of the mayor is to preserve order, enforcing ordinances and regulations, thereby providing safety of the public. The position oversees the police department, directing their activities. It is not one of control.

    While the mayor’s opinions are very welcome during borough meetings, the mayor does not have a vote unless a tie-breaker is needed. The mayor should not control all aspects of borough business.

    Lisa is committed to seeing that this happens. Lisa is committed to bringing back the integrity to the roll of mayor for Milford Borough. She wants to have a better, open transparent form of government. One where no closed-door secret meetings take place in which outcomes are pre-determined.

    The time is now for Lisa Emery to get the residents and borough officials back to what made and continues to make Milford a great place to live and raise a family. Elections are less than a month away, and you deserve a say in who becomes your next mayor for four years. I, for one, cannot think of anyone more suited for the job. That’s why I endorse Lisa Emery for Milford Borough mayor and throw my full political support behind her.

    Vote Lisa Emery, Milford Borough mayor.

    Robert “Bo” Fean

    Former Milford Borough Mayor