May the moribund Republican Party die a swift death

Vernon /
| 25 Jan 2021 | 05:47

    To the Editor:

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

    The Republican National Committee is fundraising in order to perpetuate the empty charade that the Republican party has become. According to GreatAmericanDaily’s blog, the RINOs in charge actually thought the 2020 election would result in a historical landslide win for Joe Biden that would rebuke Donald Trump and shunt the President and his supporters in the shadows never to be seen again! RINOs like Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell seized on impeachment as their means to sever Trump from his voters and snatch back control of the GOP from the President and his base.

    This delusional perception of a hoped-for betrayal of Trump beggars belief. I had thought that such an incredible disconnect from basic human nature was a prerequisite for membership in the Democrat Party. How appalling to find that the Republicans are just as clueless.

    Our finest President in the history of America gets relentlessly attacked by the denizens of the swamp and the pseudo-Republican hierarchy actually thinks we’re going to withdraw our support of him? Here’s a lesson in Loyalty 101: when someone admirably worthy is attacked, support increases. Early observations show that we Trumpers are at the very least holding firm and will continue in our strong support of him. That’s because unlike the congenitally crooked politicians that infest D.C., Trump was there for us and not for himself. We will never forget that.

    I cannot possibly entrust my donations to any entity that is so willfully cretinous. The Republican Party was supposed to be the guardians at the gate against the evils of Democrat objectives. Instead, the majority are RINOs who routinely present their backsides to the toxic Lefties and in the process, America has gotten badly screwed right along with them. I hope Trump starts up the rumored Patriot Party as I will delight in being one of the first to sign up.

    I am no longer a Republican and will continue to remove myself from any group that claims allegiance to the slithering Democrat clone that today’s Republican Party has become. Whether the new party gets formed or not, I hereafter identify as a Patriot. May the moribund Republican Party die a swift death, and may it be replaced by one that has actually earned our trust and allegiance.

    Sue C. Speck