Openness, transparency needed now more than ever

29 Jul 2020 | 04:11

    To the Editor:

    Since March, the beginning of the disaster declaration, Pennsylvania’s “Right-to-know” inquiries have gone unanswered. The Right-to-Know (RTK) law was created to ensure access to information was accessible to Pennsylvanians. The public should always have access to these records, but during a crisis, more than ever. The legislature has been putting pressure on the administration to be transparent, but the requests have gone unheard.This is why every state legislator in the General Assembly, House and Senate, Democrat and Republican, voted in favor of HB 2463. This bill would ensure state agencies respond to RTK requests during active emergency declarations. This bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature, though he has publicly stated his intent to veto.HB 2463 is retroactive and will allow both the public and press to retrieve valuable data to accurately analyze their government’s actions – a pivotal characteristic to government accountability, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. I truly believe this information will help us move forward in a productive manner, allowing for a deeper comprehension of our state’s circumstances.Why would the Governor veto this type of measure and hold back data

    Please contact the Governor’s office at if you support his signature.

    PA Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike)