Our beautiful town will continue to flourish under the leadership of Sean Strub

| 15 Oct 2021 | 04:58

    To the Editor:

    Ambitious, knowledgeable, and humble Sean is dedicated to the residents of Milford and all of Pike County.

    Sean has been a gift to the residents of Milford these past few years as Milford has blossomed into a cultural and artistic destination. The real estate market is flourishing because folks want to live in an area that offers culture and Diversity to residents making Milford unique.

    You all have seen Sean warmly greet people and let them know their presence is appreciated. Look around our beautiful borough of Milford to experience all of the positive growth and change that has occurred since Sean Strub has been our mayor.

    Sean is a visionary seeing far beyond the tree-lined streets and charming Victorian homes into the future. He knows as a community leader he must address the difficult issues that arise in a small town and face them head on. Leading a town is very much like running a business. As a very successful businessman, Sean seeks available grants saving our community tens of thousands of dollars that may have meant a tax increase.

    It is Sean’s dedication to making Milford recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s leading destinations that draws thousands tourists here to enjoy the restaurants, art galleries, culture, the historic architecture, various parks, and hiking trails.

    Sean puts Milford First. It’s our turn to be sure Sean remains our mayor.

    I encourage everyone to vote either in person on election day or request a mail in ballot. Vote Sean. Our beautiful town will continue to flourish under his leadership.

    Democrat....Republican....Independent... Vote intelligently!

    Not just another pretty face, Sean is someone who lives here by choice. He chooses to make a difference. He chooses to make our lives better. He chooses to offer the people of Milford his leadership, experience, knowledge, ambition, and foresight. Please choose wisely.

    Denise DeGraw Fey