Pike County 4-H seeks adult volunteers

01 Sep 2019 | 12:13

To the Editor:

Nonprofit organizations often rely on adult volunteers to carry out their mission and do good works within the community. Pike County 4-H is no different.

Our capacity to provide quality out of school learning opportunities to the youth of our community is limited by the number of adult volunteers available, and right now we are struggling. There are over 30,000 adults currently residing in Pike County, and only 11 of those amazing residents are 4-H volunteers helping our area youth grow to become true leaders.

Remember the story of everybody, somebody, anybody, and nobody. Everybody agrees that having positive role models for our youth is an important job that needs to be done. Anybody could do the job, but everybody thought somebody would do it, so in the end the job was done by nobody. We need more somebodies in Pike County!

Being a 4-H leader is easier than you think. We provide materials, training, support, and funding. 4-H is not just farm animals and county fairs. We have hundreds of interest areas/projects for your club to explore...cooking, crafting, coding, robotics, fishing, gardening, hiking, photography, environmental conservation, this list goes on and on. Use an existing location, or we will help you to find one that suits you. Completely flexible scheduling is based on your availability. You can lead a one-time workshop, summer program, or have a regularly meeting club.

Have a business or organization that you would like to share or promote? Consider partnering with 4-H for an event. Not comfortable working directly with youth but still want to be part of 4-H? Our Program Development Committee is an active advisory board that is seeking members to assist with promotion, planning, and leader recruitment.

Email axs1397@psu.edu or call 570-296-3400 to find out how you can join the 4-H family of volunteers.

Angela Smith

Pike County 4-H