Pike County Area Agency on Aging celebrates a year of accomplishment

Hawley /
15 Jan 2020 | 08:43

    Happy New Year!

    Let’s celebrate our accomplishments and reflect on this past year. It is healthy to journal they say.

    All of the motivational and inspirational folks say journaling is healthy. Each day I now put down my “gratitude” from the last day or so, or when the temptation strikes me. Actually, it is quite astonishing how easy it has become to jot down people, wonderful interactions, and moments of wonder. I learned a long time ago, holding grudges does nothing for you, but make you angry, resentful, and sad. Who wins? The other person.....always. Don’t let that happen, cherish each and every day. They are gifts, that’s why they are called the “present”.

    A requirement of this time of year is also our halfway report for the Department of Aging or “FRRB” report will be due shortly. Our fiscal year is half over and we see how the waiting list and services can be managed with the existing funds. We are fortunate to have the Pennsylvania Lottery for services for folks 60+ in the county. Trouble is, the need has been out pacing the Lottery revenue received. Hence, a wait list for personal care, home modifications, and other in home services. (See the cost of services.)

    As the New Year approaches we are reaching out to the community for their generosity and commitment to our homebound seniors. You may be receiving a letter in the near future to request this monetary support. Please share this with your neighbor, your children or other people who may be able to support this agency.

    Our goal in 2020 is to eliminate the wait list and help folks when they need it and not after waiting for months and or having the misfortune of having to go to a long term care facility or ER unnecessarily.

    2019 was eventful year with many staff changes and additions. We now have a full Protective Services Team with two investigators, supervisor and aging case aide. Protecting older adults and reducing risk and harm is the mission of this team. The Elder Justice Task Force relationships have enabled the team to respond quicker, stop the financial “faucet” quicker for those being exploited, and obtain emergency services and transports quicker. Still needed: more home health aides and agencies that can support the huge need of our community for at-home care and supports. There is a crisis right now in the direct care worker industry.

    I fear with the impending new facilities opening up, the scarcity of workers will just increase. I do look forward to new care facilities opening and allowing our folks to stay in Pike County and their families the ability to visit often, something that is particularly difficult when loved ones are placed in outer lying counties.

    Stay tuned for our caregiver carnival coming up this spring. It promises to provide fun, education, and activities for families and their caregivers.

    Pike County Area Agency on Aging


    First quarter 2019-2020:
    Total cost per quarter / Units delivered / Cost per unit delivered
    Home-delivered meals: $68,587 / 5,868 meals /$11.69
    Congregate meal: $27,320 / 2085 meals / $13.10
    Socialization/recreation: $19,620 / 1505 activities / $13.04
    Personal care: $45,518 / 2,266 hours / $20.09
    Protective services: $62,907 / 93 cases / $676.42
    Waiver service coordination: $40,022 / 86 consumers / $465.37
    PERS Units: $3,838 / 160 units / $23.99
    Environmental modification: $11,675 / 1 home /$11,675