Pike's pandemic needs

13 May 2020 | 10:53

    To the Editor:

    There are approximately 56,000 lives linked as residents of Pike County. Nearly 60,000 beating hearts connected to Pike. This county is now facing something worse than a forest fire, a power outage or its vast opiate epidemic.

    Our local elected have many challenges and attempt to communicate across the county. Pike lacks a county hospital and a shovel-ready commercial building infrastructure. It took quite a long time for Pike to recover from the economic recession of the last decade. The county spent an enormous ever-changing budget on a courthouse expansion. The county housed immigration detainees to increase correctional facility revenue. We get more per federal detainee than local resident inmates.

    Our commissioners have attempted to keep taxes balanced and fair. This current pandemic has brought out many business leaders as county heroes. A local supermarket owner and several hotel plus eatery owners come to mind, as well as a local pet store owner. Local residents sew face masks and search the Internet for ways to support others.

    We all know local small business owners are suffering. All our residents are financially and emotionally suffering. Charitable acts are what will get us on the other side of this. Whatever we can donate or share is needed to help Pike survive.

    Our influencers need to give birth to fundraisers and avenues to bring food to those in need. Pike has always been blessed with food pantries and funding foundations. We need to stay Pike Strong and charitable.

    Charity and loving your neighbor is personal. We all have wants of different levels. Pike is in need right now versus a state of wants and desires. Our fellow Pike residents are in need. We may be closed in our homes, yet need to be open in our hearts and limited purses or wallets.

    Please donate where and when you can. It is your choice and your personal opinion on who or what to help. This is a time to be a true American voice.

    We all say money talks. This virus will prove money sadly allows us to survive. Help put food on the plate of all and to give hope to our business owners and all residents.

    Kevin Holian