Political signs a poor business choice

| 13 Oct 2021 | 06:00

    To the Editor:

    The decision to place Lisa Emery political signs on Milford Hospitality Group’s (MHG) hotel and restaurant properties was a poor business choice and puts into question a commitment to inclusion in our community.

    Nothing has been watched with more keen interest (and trepidation) than the expansion of MHG, a for-profit corporation. There are risks and rewards for the community incumbent in this type of far-reaching ownership. The decision to put personal politics in the form of signs so firmly in the face of its clientele makes eating out a political choice and sends a mixed signal by MHG about the current make up of the people in this town.

    MHG employees, diverse in their own right, must now grapple with this new reality while trying to maintain morale, staffing, and preparation for the coming season. Visit any of the restaurants in question and the tension is palpable.

    Since MHG ownership is imposing its personal politics in all corners of the town, can we not, at least, expect to hear policy and stance on issues affecting our town from this candidate?

    Linda Lockspeiser