Remembering veterans

Vernon /
| 03 Nov 2021 | 06:11

    To the Editor:

    In memory of my friend from Clifton, Louis C. Grove, who was serving with the 4th Infantry Division 11 D20 (Scout) and was killed in action in Kontum Province, the Central Highlands of Vietnam, in January 1968. Louie — someday we will again hit the road together on our bikes and ride for a while.

    Will you remember me today;

    I am this country’s vet;

    We fought for your freedom and liberty or did you just forget;

    Who made the choice so long ago to fight another war?

    The painful look in a mother’s eyes who won’t see her son or daughter anymore;

    Did you return with all of you, your body and your mind, or is there something missing, something you left behind;

    So many years have passed and now our hair is gray, why was it then for many years, the words you couldn’t say;

    We know that we were chosen to do a special deed; was it for love of country or was it for someone’s greed;

    My eyes are turning dim but now I can clearly see, it wasn’t all for our freedom and not only for you and me;

    Will you truly remember who really paid the price, will you thank a Vet today since they made a great sacrifice;

    Can you find it in your hearts to acknowledge us for the service we have done or will you walk silently passed us as if we were no-one.

    Jochem R. Kresse


    8th GP 563rd Trans. Co. TDY 64th Trans Company, Pleiku, the Central Highlands, Vietnam; in country October 1966 to October 1967; supplying the 4th ID and the 1st Cav. with almost all their wants and needs, except for their ticket home.