Sign the Pike County Second Amendment Sanctuary Petition to protect gun rights

17 Apr 2019 | 07:44

    To the Editor:
    The Pike County Second Amendment Sanctuary Petition: This petition defines the rights of the citizens of Pike County to keep and bear arms as stated in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania (Article 1, Section 21). It clarifies to our opposition that any new unconstitutional infringement of our second amendment rights is not lawful to the law-abiding citizens of Pike County. This petition supports the rights of the people to keep and bear arms and opposes any new state or federal law that unconstitutionally infringe upon these rights. We aim at preserving the rights of the people and will not authorize or appropriate government funds or resources for the purpose of enforcing any element of new laws, mandates, rules or regulations that infringe on the rights of the law-abiding citizens of Pike County that already allow us to keep and bear arms.
    We are gathering signatures to ensure that the citizens of Pike County, as many other counties within the United States have done and are continuing to do, will preserve our current laws and shall not be subjected to new restrictive laws that change our constitutional and state rights. This includes but is not limited to registration requirements that are outside existing lawfully owned firearms; prohibitions and regulations related to ownership of semi-automatic firearms; prohibition and regulation with regard to magazine capacity and types of ammunition; changing already existing registration and background check requirements which are already in effect under existing PA law (18 Pa.C.S. § 6111.4 - Registration of firearms); restrictions prohibiting the possession, carry, or transport of lawfully owned firearms or ammunition; the provisions of the current and preexisting laws that are relevant and will remain in effect for all law-abiding citizens of Pike County.
    This petition will be brought to the County Commissioners of Pike County as a recommendation, and to be supported by and enforced, so that Pike County will become one of the many and growing Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties within the United States. With the support of the law-abiding citizens of Pike County we hope to adopt this and create an ordinance that states all of the above and create a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, which will be the first within Pennsylvania. We believe once we have paved the way, other counties within Pennsylvania will follow.
    The gun crisis within the United States is not with the law-abiding citizens, it is with the unregulated onslaught of biased anti-gun propaganda. There are laws already on the books that need to be upheld. Anyone with a felony conviction or with a domestic violence conviction (ACT 79) is unable to possess firearms. This will remain as law. We are not seeking to change any of the existing laws, but to prevent new, unfettered laws from becoming the new norm. People need to be educated and understand that the laws that are in effect are not what is causing the problem, it is the unregulated and uneducated people who are making laws with regard to gun control that are the problem. It is not the law-abiding citizens who have already been vetted and are able to possess and carry firearms. We wish to preserve the laws that are already in existence, as they have been long established and are proven to be effective.
    Please feel free to contact us for more information: Bob Roche and Patti Coombs by email at Visit and like our Facebook page at Pike County Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance for all up-to-the minute information and where to find the petition in your area. We welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from you.
    The opposition is not our friend. We are law-abiding citizens who are looking to preserve our Constitutional rights and not have to succumb to the mania that those who are uneducated in firearms are propagating to the detriment of our society.
    Uphold the Second!
    Bob Roche and Patti Coombs