Those pushing red flag laws show no concern for the real causes of gun violence

12 Feb 2020 | 10:42

    To the Editor:

    After reading in a recent Pike County Courier edition an article titled "Pennsylvania lawmakers must pass red flag laws" I decided to respond.

    In this article, the authors never mentioned how many lives are saved by guns in the state of Pennsylvania. There is no balanced point a view. All they are doing is pushing a political agenda which makes the reader wonder about their real intentions.

    They mention the Parkland shooting in Florida as a motivator for all this new anti-gun legislation.

    They forget to mention that 98 percent of mass shootings take place in gun free zones which Parkland was and we all know that the police visited the shooter's home 39 times without doing anything. In addition the school policeman present at the time of the shooting failed to act when he could have.

    We know that most of the violence with guns takes place in cities run by Democrat mayors and that fundamental reasons behind it are fatherless homes, mental illness resulting in the breakdown of the family and the use of SSRI drugs which make people do irrational things.

    The pushers of the red flag laws show no concern for the real causes of gun violence. They use twisted statistics to mislead the public. They are the people we should really worry about as they ultimately want to take our sell defense human right.and to control the population..

    History reminds us that without the second amendment, there is no freedom of speech.

    Governor Wolf is their friend and all he will do is increase the number of fatalities caused by guns. He does promote infanticide of innocent babies and stop school children from scholarship opportunities as we saw in the last State of the Union speech. He does not have our interest in mind.

    Pierre Tardy