We need transparency on development plans in Milford

10 Sep 2019 | 01:08

    To the Editor:

    Recently considerable attention has been paid to the change in zoning for Milford Township that would allow for higher density real estate development on the three-lane of Routes 6 and 209.

    But, recently, homeowners in Milford Township on Route 6 west of Milford have received an Express Mail envelope from a local realtor stating, "I have a prospective purchaser who is very interested in your property and if you would consider selling it...we could make a cash transaction very quickly."

    These homes are adjacent to a 27-acre lot, targeted for a shopping mall/parking lot, but it cannot be perked for on-site sewage treatment. What a coincidence that Milford Township is considering a re-zoning that would allow a sewage pipe up Route 6 for large-scale commercial development.

    Supervisors and planning board, let's have some sunshine on these possible plans! We're here for the great quality of life, not for your partnership with greed and profit.

    Ed Gragert