Why does The Woodlands need new bylaws?

15 Jan 2020 | 08:17

    To the Editor:

    Residents of The Woodlands, I ask you, why do we need new bylaws? The current ones aren’t being adhered to and haven’t been in a while, so why do we need new ones?

    Example 1: Per the bylaws, the letter seeking candidates for the board of directors, for the election at the annual meeting in March, is to be sent out after approval at the December monthly meeting (which was Dec. 22, 2019). The letter was sent out Dec. 7, 2019. (See this bylaw on page 16 7.4.3.)

    Example 2 : Per the current bylaws page (41 16.4), “any proposed changes, the BOD shall promptly notify all members by mail, e-blast-mail, etc.," the changes weren’t mentioned or highlighted or any comparisons made to the current bylaws, just a whole new set and asked to vote on these.

    The two examples are but two of the most recent violations of the many that have occurred.

    The bylaws recently mailed and seeking approval prohibits any resident from becoming an employee of The Woodlands! Why? That is discriminatory.

    Also, these permit a convicted felon to run and serve on the board of directors, potentially affecting our property values. Are background checks being done when a resume is submitted for consideration? If not, why not?

    These also have changed the consecutive terms of a board of directors member from two to three terms! If enough residents don’t submit residents to run for a position on the board of directors, it allows the current members to remain in place, with no term or time limits – a lifetime position?

    The limits of spending have been raised from $20,000 to $50,000 without a community vote!

    I urge you to read the proposed bylaws and vote no, either by mail by Jan 26 or attend the special meeting Feb. 4 and cast your ballot.

    These “new” bylaws were not the ones submitted by the committee to the board of directors in August, purportedly to be sent to attorney for review. Were these, in fact, edited and changed by the community attorney?

    Why was a special meeting called, and the costs incurred with that? Why not wait another month and have the vote at the annual meeting as has been done in the past? Answer: Because those serving on the board of directors at this time want a third term. If these proposed bylaws pass (heaven forbid) on Feb. 4, they have until Fe.b 6 to submit their resumes as candidates for the board of directors for another term of two years.

    We need strong candidates to run for the board of directors, we need business-minded residents to help us, we need new blood to help us save our Woodlands.

    Lynn Boos

    Former board of directors member and former bylaws chair

    The Woodlands