A free speech compromise

| 04 Mar 2015 | 03:29

Debbie Allen told the Milford borough council on March 2 that she had never attended a meeting before, but felt that she had to express her displeasure with the offensive language printed on a big sign mounted to a truck that always seemed to be parked in the borough somewhere. Mayor Bo Fean said he received calls complaining about the same thing, and that, while he doesn't like the language himself, he tells callers that, like all citizens, John Carpenter has the right to free speech. But the mayor did call Carpenter about the sign, and Carpenter said he would call him back after he prayed about it. Fifteen minutes later, Carpenter called Fean to report that he would change the word "balls" to "nectarines." Fean said he thanked him for his cooperation and understanding. Pictured: Carpenter's truck with the changed language. (Photo by Frances Ruth Harris)