Act 1

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:57

    To the editor: The Delaware Valley Tax Commission was formed to weigh the possible merits of a local income tax to fund a homestead/ farmstead exclusion and thereby provide tax relief to the homeowners of our district (Act 1). After careful consideration we found this proposal to be a tax shift, requiring the vast majority of our citizenry to pay more than the current system based on property tax. We found no tax relief, only an additional burden to be carried by the taxpayers. From every perspective explored we found a local income tax contrary to the best interest of our school district when viewed in its entirety. The Delaware Valley Tax Commission is adamantly and unanimously in opposition to the implementation of a local income tax and will advise against such to the school board in its (non-binding) recommendation. The school board will make its determination and pass a resolution by March 13, 2007, stating the ballot question to be put before you in the 2007 primary election. Do not misinterpret this question as an opportunity for tax reduction through local income tax. It is an ill advised tax shift, fraught with repercussions, debilitating to our school district It is neither tax relief nor reduction and for this reason we strongly advise all in the school district to exercise their option for keeping the status quo in place. No change; vote no. Peter Wulfhorst, Chairman Delaware Valley Tax Study Commission