A very Bandingo New Year's Eve blast

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:48

LAYTON, N.J. - Grab your party hats and noisemakers and ring in 2007 with the Bandingo Brothers. On Sunday Dec. 31, the Layton Bar & Grill in Layton, N.J. and the Bandingo Brothers present “A Very Bandingo New Year’s Eve Blast!” Co-headlining this event will be the Brian McLoughlin Band and Big Boss Sausage. Other featured acts will be the B-Train Express, Awry, Krista Sansky and the Billy Larsen Complex. A special visit from “Soupino,” the world’s oldest baby new year, multiple ball droppings and some of the most bizarre dancing ever witnessed will make this the biggest party west of the Hudson River. The Bandingo Brothers are the same people who put together the legendary Rampage On The River and Big Bandingo Festivals. “If you want 100% entertainment satisfaction, you’ll be coming to the right place, don’t be fooled by imitation ball droppings,” said Mingo Lodge, guitarist and vocalist for Big Boss Sausage, one of the featured acts. The music will be a wide cross section of the amazing talent that continues to flood the northwest New Jersey area. The Brian McLoughlin Band, a dynamic grass-roots band based out of Dingman’s Ferry, is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that will have you on your feet non-stop. Upstage Radio & Magazine hailed their debut CD blur as one of the top 100 albums of 2005. “We’ve been involved with several of the Bandingo Brother’s events and these guys throw outrageous parties, from what we’ve heard New Year’s Eve will be over the top,” said Joe Serin, guitarist for the McLoughlin band. Big Boss Sausage, a three-piece rock band from Vernon, N.J., is known for its extensive touring, explosive performances and head shaking humor. The group’s music is an energized blend of folk, country, rock and punk also known as Fo-Co-Ro-Pu. When combined with Tae Kwon Do, it can be a lethal form of self-defense. “We’re seasoned road dogs with only one goal in mind, to unleash a fury that stuns the world with joy,” added Lodge, speaking for the dynamic trio. The B-Train Express, who would never leave a passenger behind nor dream of missing the opportunity to perform for a special Bandingo event, will be making an extra stop for a special appearance. Brian Trainor’s soulfulness and riveting musical arrangements takes its audience on a rockin’ ride. The Bandingo Brothers are always searching far and wide to bring the hottest, eclectic, acoustic acts to start off their shows, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. This time, they chose an acoustic act from each of the surrounding states. From Pennsylvania comes the Billy Larsen Complex who’s sound can only be described as a five piece Mariachi band, reincarnated as two white boys that don’t know a thing about Spanish music. “They have freakishly strong foreheads, they drink with amazing speed and accuracy, and while none of this has anything to do with their musical ability, they still rock like Tom Jones,” claimed avid fan Ed Martell. Krista Sansky a singer/songwriter from New York, has been performing far and wide for the past seven years. Unable to fit in any category, Krista described her own music as “folk nasty.” When you see her perform, armed with her guitar, aptly named “Little Miss Naughty,” you’ll know what she means. Rounding out the acoustic acts will be Awry, from New Jersey. A band that is at once wistful and elegiac, raw and powerful, emotive and real. A classic blend of American sounds, from heaving rock and roll to tragic ballads, from rustic country jams to jazzy side-trips, Awry goes where the heart takes it, usually with inspiring results. The Layton Bar is nestled in the pristine Kittatinny Mountains of northwest New Jersey on state Route 560 in Layton, N.J., there number is 973-948-0809. The large bar is the perfect set-up for a New Year’s Eve concert with plenty of room for everyone. There will be drink specials and hors d’oeuvres (that’s appetizers for all of you who are not French) available throughout the evening and a champagne toast at midnight. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets can be purchased the night of the show at the Layton Bar & Grill. For more information, contact the Bandingo Brothers at 973-875-2711 or 570-686-3757.