A walk through history

| 03 Jun 2015 | 02:47

The history of Grey Towers and various fauna and flora on the grounds were discussed with visitors at a walking tour of the Grey Towers National Historic Site in Milford on Saturday, May 30.

The site is also known as the Gifford Pinchot House or The Pinchot Institute for Conservation Studies.

The Grey Towers mansion sits on more than 300 acres of land. Besides the mansion there are almost 50 other structures on the estate grounds. The mansion was designed and built by architect Richard Morris Hunt with some later work by Henry Edwards-Ficken with input by owner James Pinchot the father of Gifford Pinchot who eventually inherited the mansion.

The mansion was completed in 1886 after two years of construction.

The Pinchot family are of French extraction. The family made their fortune in America through the lumber trade and real estate transactions.

Gifford Pinchot became the 28th Governor of Pennsylvania (1923–1927, 1931–1935). Gifford Pinchot died on Oct. 4, 1946, at 81, from leukemia. He was survived by his wife, Cornelia Bryce, and his son Gifford BrycePinchot. He is interred at Milford Cemetery.

— Photos by George LeRoy Hunter

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