Classical music in 21st century style

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:11

STROUDSBURG - The “Hyperspace” series of multimedia events continues on Nov. 18 at the Artspace Gallery at 18 N. 7th Street in Stroudsburg. This concert will feature classical electronic music by Electric Diamond, with visuals by Hong Zhang of Azimuth Visuals. The door opens at 7 p.m. for an 8 p.m. performance. A donation of $6 is requested. Electric Diamond is a unique one of a kind ensemble, dedicated to presenting live electronic classical music concerts. With a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments Electric Diamond revolutionizes the classical music concert scene with exciting new contemporary sounds that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Electric Diamond features the artistry of Stuart Diamond performing on the Akai Electronic Wind Instrument and Don Slepian performing keyboards. Electric Diamond’s repertoire covers the entire spectrum of classical music, from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary. It uses the latest breakthroughs in music technology to present performances that are true to the expressive intent of the composers, while coloring the music in exciting new sounds. The music of Electric Diamond includes works by J.S. Bach, Benedetto Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Muzio Clementi, G.F. Handel and Modest Mussorgsky. The ensemble also performs a range of new music. Besides their own evocative original scores, Electric Diamond plays music based on innovative sources, including the royal courts of medieval Europe and the melodies of Native American Indians. Electric Diamond’s music appeals to a tremendous range of audiences, receiving standing ovations at such venues as Steinway Hall, the Academy of the Arts in Philadelphia, M.I.T. and New York’s Federal Hall, as well as the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. Hong Zhang creates a dynamic, colorful, harmonic presentation of video art based on natural imagery, processed in real time to follow the moods of the music. She has performed at concerts and festivals including electro-music 2006, Different Skies, and Hyperspace. Hyperspace is a series of monthly multimedia events featuring electronic space music and live video art. Drawing on an emerging community of innovative artists to facilitate unique collaborations, the concerts provide an immersive experience, while offering artists the opportunity to explore new dimensions. More information is available at For further information on the show, or the Artspace Gallery, call 570-476-4460 or visit its Web site at