Dinner and fireworks along the Delaware

| 26 Jun 2015 | 12:49

For the second year running, Port Jervis Recreation Department will host the “Dinner Along the Delaware & Fireworks” event Friday July 3 at the Riverside Park next to the river, said John Faggione, Director of Recreation.

After dinner, “spectacular fireworks” are free to watch for everybody, regardless of if they paid for the dinner. The dining area will also be opened for anyone to enjoy, said even organizer, volunteer, Christine Addy.

Port Jervis Mayor Kelly Decker also talked about the event at a recent council meeting, and said there’s a large donation of fireworks this year from Phantom Fireworks in addition to what the Recreation Department has, so, “It will be huge.”

Christine is the owner of the Candy Cane Preschool at East Main and Church Street corner in Port Jervis, and her kids go to the Recreation Center.

“We like to help, we like to volunteer,” she explained.

Another teacher at the school whose kids also go to the Recreation Center, Brooke Csenscits helps her, and they are in charge of the food side of the event.

Last year’s dinner was a big success, with 500 tickets sold, and this year, Christine said that’s the limit. All the food is donated by the area eateries that come, set up in the tent and Pavilion, and serve their food in buffet style on the tables and chairs set up by Christine, Brooke, their families, and other kids from the Recreation Center, Christine explained.

Tickets are for sale at the City Clerk’s Office at the City Hall, or at the Recreation Department on Pike Street. They are $15 adults, $8 children 4 to 12, under 4 free, and are likely to be sold out. The event starts at 6 and goes on until 8:30 p.m.

“The weather was beautiful last year,” Christine continued, hoping for the same this year.

Confirmed eateries by press time are:

Papa Grumpy's
Two Rivers Grille

Port Jervis Pizza
El Patron
Chef on the Run

Gio's Gelato
Bashakill Winery
Texas Lunch