Get the knack for telling stories through photography

Vernon. Bob Ernst will discuss techniques he uses to tell a story photographically at the next meeting of the Vernon Camera Club.

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| 27 Sep 2021 | 04:43

Funny, touching, and interesting things happen all around us every day. How do you re-tell that story in a photo?

Professional photographer Bob Ernst will discuss the techniques he uses to achieve this at the next meeting of the Vernon Camera Club via Zoom on Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 2 p.m.

Ernst has been telling wedding and event stories for years with his company, Robert Wayne Photography. Prior to his retirement, he photographed hundreds of weddings, portraits and events with the company named after his twin sons, Robert and Wayne. Ernst joined the Vernon Camera Club, as a member, to recapture the joy of a hobby photographer. In this presentation, he will graciously share his tips and techniques learned over the eight years he was in business.

Ernst’s presentation, “Story Telling in Photography,” will address elements of composure and how they contribute to a photograph’s ability to tell a story. The presentation is about using composition guides (rule of thirds, symmetry, rule of space, leading lines, unusual angles, framing, etc.).

“I will address how elements of composure allow us to capture and communicate that story-telling in our photos” Ernst said.

Although in his business, he invested in advanced equipment, required a website and a photo studio, he said “composure is one of the topics that does not require special equipment or advanced skills beyond simply thinking and seeing before clicking the shutter.”

Ernst’s interest in photography has a funny start.

“As a young 20 something, I saw the 1986 King Kong movie in the theater. There’s this scene where Jeff Bridges is photographing Jessica Lange through a 35mm camera as she frolics around on the beach. I thought that looked like fun and wanted to get into photography. This is really where my interest began!” he said.

Shortly after the movie, Ernst purchased a Pentax K100, which he said was a good introduction to manual film photography.

“I realized I enjoyed photographing people and capturing emotional, story-telling moments. About this time, the “photo-journalistic” approach to wedding photography was emerging and I thought it was something at which I could be successful,” he said.

A resident of Oak Ridge, Ernst’s work can be seen at a Zenfolio hosting site:

The Zoom presentation is available via invite by contacting the Vernon Camera Club at Learn about photography by joining a friendly group of photo enthusiasts of all levels as a Member. Annual dues are $25. We explore interesting topics like this each month, fun photo assignments, constructive critiques, and meet-ups. Users of cell phones, point-n-shoots, and pro level cameras are equally welcomed.