Historical Society’s Dinner and a Creature Feature continues with ‘The Alligator People’

Milford. The cost is $35 and includes dinner, the movie, plus dessert and coffee.

| 07 Feb 2024 | 03:50

On February 28 at 5 p.m. The Columns Museum will be hosting a screening of the 1959 creature feature “The Alligator People, in the museum’s Foundation Room.

In this film, newly married nurse Joyce Webster doesn’t know what to think when her husband disappears during a train ride. She hires private investigators and eventually tracks him to an old bayou plantation where the owner insists she’s never heard of Paul. Joyce sticks around anyway and soon learns that local doctor Mark Sinclair has been using a life-altering alligator serum on the town’s residents, and that Paul is among them. Starring Beverly Garland and Lon Chaney Jr., this film received some great reviews when it opened. Time has only made it more appealing.

Tickets are $35, which includes dinner, movie, dessert and coffee. To reserve your spot, call 570-296-8126.