Hobby shop celebrating National Games Week

| 29 Sep 2011 | 10:11

    Milford - Left Field Hobbies in Milford will host several gaming events during National Games Week, Nov. 19 - 25. Some of the events will feature exclusive giveaways while others will demonstrate new games for young players and the not-so-young. Shop owner James Rogers sees the week-long celebration of games as an opportunity for families and friends to spend some time having fun. “This exciting event was initiated by Games Quarterly magazine a few years ago,” says Rogers, “to encourage families to turn off the television, get away from the computer for a while and sort of reconnect by playing a game.” Any game will do. Board games like Cluzzle, Knowbody Knows and Wits n’ Wagers, trading card games, like Magic, the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, and the new wave of collectible miniature games, like HeroClix and Dreamblade, are all gaining new players every week. “We have kids of all ages here throughout the weekend playing three or four different games. The ages range from eight to forty-ish,” Rogers added. “During Games Week, they can introduce their friends, siblings and parents (and spouses) to what they’ve been playing.” The festivities begin at noon on Sunday, Nov. 19 with a magic (gathering) 16K Type 2 Tournament followed by the HeroClix SuperNova Marquee Tournament. Left Field sales associate Dave Wagenhoffer explained, “There are many cosmic characters in the Marvel (comics) universe. SuperNova adds this new dynamic to an already exciting gaming experience since these characters are some of the most powerful. And, in HeroClix, it’s all about how powerful you are.” Even if you’re not into fantasy and costumed avengers, Left Field is planning a day to suit almost every age group. PalOOza Toys, an online toy store based in Lackawaxen, will be sponsoring a demonstration on Monday, Nov. 20, for an adult board game called Knowbody Knows. “It’s more ‘PG-13’ due to the references to mature behavior, like drinking. So, the recommended age to play is 17 or 18 years old,” says Pops, owner of www.paloozatoys.com. “It’s basically a guessing game that asks the questions one probably shouldn’t ask but always have a fun answer. I removed the ‘adult’ cards and played with my boys; my 8-year-old had a blast. It’s a unique game that has lots of funny firepower.” Left Field Hobbies is located at the corner of Seventh and Water streets. For a complete schedule and store hours, call 570-409-0202 or visit www.leftfieldhobbies.com.