Learn how to take landscape photos that don’t disappoint

Vernon. Landscape photographer Roger Rosales will talk about capturing the earth’s beauty with light, filters, and composition.

Vernon /
| 28 Jun 2021 | 04:01

Sussex County is unique in New Jersey for its mountain ranges, lakes, and vast pastoral views. Doing this beauty justice with your camera can be a challenge. These scenes look stunning to our eye but can disappoint as a photo.

Learn how to manage those stark differences during a virtual meeting of the Vernon Camera Club at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 6.

Landscape photographer Roger Rosales will help you will craft better images using proven techniques and gear.

He will discuss how going beyond the “Rule of Thirds” can add more interest to your composition, when to use minimalism, seeing and using light like an expert with the right optical filter, and using the right focal length lens.

He will explain how to expand creativity with specialty filters, which help express what is not visible to the naked eye. He will also review his favorite photography apps.

“I tried several different types of photography and eventually came to the realization that landscape photography is my passion,” said Rosales. “I have to go out into nature and capture God’s beautiful creation. It energizes me and is my ultimate joy.”

Rosales has a background in both studio and in-field photography creating commercial images by controlling light and applying advanced compositional approaches. His knowledge of managing light using optical filters led to his current role at NiSi Filters USA where he provides technical guidance, customer service, and instruction.

Rosales’s color and monotone coastal and mountain landscapes can be seen at rogerrosalesphotography.com. The specialty filters he uses can be seen at nisiopticsusa.com.

The Zoom presentation is available via invite by contacting the Vernon Camera Club at vernoncameraclub1@gmail.com. Membership dues are $25 per year and includes monthly meetups and workshops. For more information visit facebook.com/VernonCameraClub.NJ.