Milford. Plein Air celebrates town’s historic spaces, streetscapes

| 16 May 2023 | 03:37

The sixth annual Plein Air Milford is providing artists and art lovers another chance to celebrate the historic buildings, parks, gardens, and streetscapes of one of Pennsylvania’s most charming towns. Artists will be painting some historic buildings, but also brand new ventures.

The community painting party will take place on June 17, with a free reception a few weeks later, where the work created is showcased.

“Milford is such a welcoming place,” said one of the organizers. “The first year I was expecting people to say ‘hey, stop blocking up the sidewalk,’ but instead they take pictures of us, ask us about our work, and bring us coffee.”

During a time where there is so much to disagree about, this event brings together artists, art lovers, businesses, and consumers in a way that doesn’t happen often enough.

Artists will meet to sign in at 10 a.m. on the porch of the Columns Museum on Broad Street. Artists will then spread out to any area of interest to create. A free lunch will be provided to all participating artists.

This is a free event, but pre-registration is required for artists. E-mail to register.