Milford's Secret Garden Tour shows hidden treasures

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:58

    MILFORD - The Milford Garden Club is having their 14th annual Secret Garden Tour on Saturday, July 15. Some of the most fascinating, unique and beautiful gardens will be shown throughout the borough. As in the past, each of the gardens on our tour is truly a work of art and represents the hard work - and love - that have been put into them. They have earned the recognition of the Milford Garden Club, and the opportunity to be on display for everyone’s enjoyment. Gardens ranging from small to very large will captivate you with their breathtaking designs and assortment of flora. They are truly a sight to behold. Advanced tickets are currently on sale at $12, and may be purchased through the Milford Garden Club, P.O. Box 764, Milford, PA 18337 before July 10th - or directly at Hare Hollow, 322 Broad Street in Milford. Tickets may also be purchased on he day of the tour at Remembrance Place, which is located at West Ann Street & Elderberry Alley in Milford at the cost of $15. For further information contact Camille LoRe’ at 570-686-2970.