New Daskal works open next weekend

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:43

Stroudsburg - Will Daskal , noted Pocono watercolorist, has been drawn into the beauty of abstract art by his modernist mentor Carmelina Lombardi. His latest abstract works, “Primary Residence” and “Window of Opportunity” , will be on display starting June 3 at the Artspace Gallery, located at 18 North 7th Street, in Stroudsburg. Will strives to show that watercolor can be bold, rich and dramatic. He sees artistic inspiration everywhere he travels. Will says, “My heart soars with each stroke I make. I achieve a deep sense of satisfaction whenever I complete a painting that I feel succeeds in capturing what my eyes see or my heart feels. I paint simply for sheer enjoyment and for spiritual gratification. The natural world is beautiful and pregnant with myriad, exciting possibilities, and I feel infinitely blessed to be able to observe and explore so much or it, ultimately trying to capture its essence on paper and canvas.” Essentially, Will’s paintings are rooted in fragmented bits of reality, as well as his own existence, which he uses as a springboard for situations he may actually observe in pleine air or may imagine could have happened or existed. Will adds, “If I can establish a communion between my viewers and their own experiences with nature, if I can help them to discover and to reaffirm their bonds with the natural world, then my efforts have been rewarded. I truly relish working in the immediacy of watercolor. Painting outdoors, in the moment, invigorates me and brings vitality to my work and psyche.” Will also credits Pike County artist/instructor Joan Polishook and her weekly “Come Paint with Me” pleine air painting sessions with having strongly influenced the speed and efficiency of his artistic development. Will hopes to share his unbridled enthusiasm and painting knowledge with others by teaching his watercolor techniques and sharing his artistic vision in classes and workshops at numerous venues throughout this region. Daskal’s new work is exhibited at the gallery every month. For more information call 570-476-5880.